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Mikael Giardina Cohen - Real Estate Team

  • Mikaël Giardina-Cohen
    Mikaël Giardina-Cohen
    Real Estate Broker
    Mikael Giardina Cohen Inc. - Équipe Immobilière
    Mikael is our fearless leader! Drive and ambition through the roof, you can't help but want to learn about real estate when you're around him! With 17 years of experience as a broker, Mikael's commitment to continuing education makes him a go-to for all your real estate questions. Mikael's charismatic personality makes him very approachable and relatable and when coupled with his knowledge of the industry makes him a top-notch negotiator. His love of cars is also notable, so if you get a chance to take a ride with him, make sure to brace yourself! You're in for a fun ride!
  • Elie Edery
    Elie Edery
    Real Estate Broker
    Elie Edery INC
    Elie is the die-hard sports fan of the group, always keeping us active and current on the Habs score! He has a competitive and ambitious edge that allows him to excel in his profession. With 14 years of experience as a broker, Elie has taught the whole team so much. His charming personality paired with understanding of the evolving real estate market makes him not only a pleasure to work with, but a trustworthy broker to guide you through your real estate transactions! If you want to buy, sell or invest, working with Elie will be a slam dunk!
  • Alexandra Radford
    Alexandra Radford
    Residential Real Estate Broker
    Alexandra Radford inc.
    Alexandra is the chief firefighter, putting out all the metaphorical fires that inevitably take place with the large number of real estate transactions that go on in the group. Having left a career in operations management to pursue a passion for real estate, Alexandra hasn't looked back! Since moving up through the ranks of working in the office and becoming a broker, she has been able to play an important role in developing the team structure and lending a hand wherever needed. If you participate in a transaction with the team, you will most likely be in touch with her at some point along the way!
  • Michelle Rosenbaum
    Michelle Rosenbaum
    Michelle is the care-taker of the team, her attention to the little details makes everyone feel special! She is very reliable and resourceful, she will walk into any situation and make the most of it. Having started her career as a broker in Ontario, Michelle came back to her home town in Montreal and has since become an expert in everything from investment condos in Griffintown to single-family homes in the West Island. Michelle's client's wants and needs are always her top priority. If you're lucky enough to work with her, you definitely won't regret the time you spend with her!
  • Steven Nerio-Vasquez
    Steven Nerio-Vasquez
    Residential Real Estate Broker
  • Mikaël Giardina-Cohen Mikaël Giardina-Cohen
  • Elie Edery Elie Edery
  • Alexandra Radford Alexandra Radford
  • Michelle Rosenbaum Michelle Rosenbaum
  • Steven Nerio-Vasquez Steven Nerio-Vasquez

To serve you better

Amanda Lisio
Amanda Lisio
Broker's Assistant

Amanda is one of the youngest members of the team and despite her young age, she shows the greatest wisdom. A hard worker, she always performs beyond expectations. Amanda handles the administrative side of the group with care and attention to detail. With a degree in marketing from Concordia University and aspiring to be a broker herself one day, Amanda is learning all the tricks of the trade behind the scenes. If you contact the office looking for information, you'll probably have the opportunity to chat with her!

Broker's Assistant

Karine is the funniest member of the team, you will always find her with a smile on her face ready to laugh. She comes from a marketing background with a passion for real estate. She aspires to one day become a broker on the team and on the way to the top, she has become indispensable. Karine is in charge of marketing and visual presentation. She is also one of the main administrators and can handle a lot of aspects of the business. If you never talk to Karine during a transaction with us, just know that she works in the background to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Érika  Rosanelli
Érika Rosanelli
broker’s assistant

Erika is the most serene member of our team, always approaching the task at hand with a level head and a calm demeanour! Coming from a background in psychology, Erika is able to bring composure to any hectic situation, which complements the team's hustling nature very well. You know what they say, opposites attract ! Erika is organized, efficient and always eager to learn! She is the master of keeping all the team's files up to date and spends most of her time coordinating and organizing everyone's schedules. Ask for Erika when you call the office and she will be sure to have your needs met in an instant!

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